About Sensecoach

SenseCoach is a company designed to benefit people of all ages and professions. Anyone wanting to live a more fulfilling life, with a desire to learn and improve to become more productive or efficient; will benefit from hiring Lucienne Shakir to support them on their journey.

“Education for Everyone, Forever” sets the foundation for the company’s values and principles. After becoming increasingly concerned with the tools and skills that were lacking in formal education Lucienne Shakir, Director of SenseCoach is constantly seeking methods to improve our sense of self and confidence to succeed as individuals, working within a community.

Lucienne’s passion that education is for life and that each of us has our own unique strengths to bring to the table, drives her vision and the company’s ethos. She believes it her responsibility to help people tap into those strengths and allow them to live their best possible lives.

Therefore, bespoke services for each client are offered following a consultation where all goals and expectations are discussed free of charge. The client and Lucienne then work together to improve their output and maximise life chances. Group coaching is also an option, and Lucienne has experience with corporate as well as personal coaching.

Thorough and concise strategies are offered to guide the client/s to their desired outcomes. Lucienne maps the progress of coaching sessions, and together with the client can assess strategy, reflection and forward planning.

SenseCoach is a growing company. Wanting to provide only exceptional guidance under the SenseCoach name; Lucienne assesses all new clients first in order to provide the most suitable and direct methods of coaching. If she believes there is someone out there who can better help her client, she will always point them in that direction. It is imperative to her, that her values are upheld, and if there is someone more adept and able to coach a client, this will always be her priority.

She wishes to build a community not an empire. It’s at the heart of everything she does.

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