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Founder of the SenseCoaching Model © and only Master Accredited Coach dedicated to Women in Northamptonshire.

Don’t want that ‘what did I do with my life?’ feeling? Would you like clarity in your personal and/or professional identity? Having the right life coach, to guide you on your journey is essential to helping you transform your way of thinking so that you can live the best possible life.

Remove unwanted feelings such as guilt, frustration and a feeling that time is rapidly passing, by learning practical, highly effective and life long techniques, which will bring about clarity, fulfilment and deep purpose.

  • Do you want to live your life to your fullest potential?

  • Do you want to feel confident that you are not wasting your precious time on negative emotions, people or situations?

  • Do you want fulfilment, certainty, clarity of thought, structure and guilt free happiness?

Download my free guide; ‘10 mistakes women with successful careers make that stop them living healthy, happy and fulfilled lives,’ for invaluable, easy to implement advice.

I’m here for you, and here with you… an experienced, master accredited, professional friend, helping you to develop a powerful sense of self and security, equipping you with the strategies and safety to bring confidence and courage to every facet of your life – from surviving to thriving in both personal and professional spheres.

Through expert 1:1 coaching and group masterclasses
, we’ll work together to target and transform: to switch from disorder to direction, from powerless to purposeful, with actionable and accountable steps to help you shine.

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Let’s change the world – one woman at a time.


Work With Me


Expert 1:1 Transformational Coaching with Lucienne

Taking care of every challenge in your world, Expert 1:1 Transformational Coaching is a chance to truly bring change.

A complete 360° evaluation of your life and how to maximise your time and energy.

We’ll start by establishing your specific needs by spending an immersive coaching day together, where we’ll unpick what’s holding you back most and strategise your way forwards, covering every area of your work and life.

It’ll be an experience driven by the results you would like to see, and we’ll take as much time as needed in our day session together.

We’ll not only work on your psychology, re-training your mind to welcome in peace, prosperity and purpose, but also create the systems you need to help you plan a thriving future.

No fear left forgotten; no stone left unturned.

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Step 1 – our immersive coaching session

Our half or full day session will be about getting down to business; we’ll work through an intensive, immersive coaching session for a full or half day, allowing you to bring all issues to the table. Taking place at your own home, in your office or mine, you’ll receive the tools, support and action plans for a 360 degree sort-out. Comprehensive and courageous in equal measure.

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Step 2 – 1 month of coaching support, whenever needed

You’ll receive direct access to me as your personal coach via weekly phone or video accountability calls and 24 hour WhatsApp support. We’ll regularly check-in, catch up with your challenges and celebrate your wins. We’ll focus on action you are taking as I guide you to work through the strategies we developed in your immersive coaching session. One day at a time to make long lasting, yet rapid change for your best possible life.

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Step 3 – our Evaluative coaching Session

A deep and reflective evaluation of your coaching time, we’ll look back on your progress while creating a future support plan with forward actions to take, with an option of continuing the coaching for as long as you need. It’ll be a chance to celebrate, and discover how you can to continue to thrive.

Discuss your needs with a free 30 minute discovery call, designed to establish what requirements you have, how soon you want to address them and how I will be able to guide you.



Group Coaching Masterclasses

Join an exclusive group of women working to own their lives

The group coaching masterclasses are a chance to connect and progress, both personally and professionally.

Offering a safe space to gather with like-minded women, it’s a unique opportunity to the subjects that matter to you most, in an environment that will welcome and inspire.

You’ll learn clear and actionable strategies to progress forwards, with each session taking place bi-weekly. Pay monthly, or receive 20% off when you select the 12-month programme.

Choose from three coaching options, to tailor your experience to everything you need to take action:

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Personal Coaching Masterclass 

Monthly Group Coaching
Hone in precisely on the struggles you face outside of work… Receive access to not only my coaching strategies, but to the support of a group of women working through them with you . We’ll cover confidence, life purpose, the concept of happiness and much more.

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Professional Coaching Masterclass

Monthly Group Coaching
Created with the professional in mind, each masterclass is a chance to dive deep into the topics surrounding prosperity and progression. Grow and connect with women who truly understand, who are all pursuing executive excellence.

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Professional + Personal Coaching Masterclass bundle

Monthly Group Coaching
A chance to combine two worlds, professional and personal masterclasses are as extensive as they are refreshing. You’ll be making waves in the company of incredible women, being courageous together.


 About Me

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings
— Salvador Dalí

…but a bird has to learn how to fly.

Using my background as a Master Accredited Coach and Leader in Education, I am dedicated to ensuring no woman lives her life feeling that she has wasted precious time with negative thought processes, unhelpful emotions and procrastination resulting in lacking in professional progression or personal prosperity.

Despite having coached women around the globe, I am passionate about working to develop untapped potential in my clients closer to home. I feel there is a lot more to give to Northamptonshire. My aim is to change the county’s landscape with services and innovation that create a community, not an empire.

Any true coach can draw on both their certifications and life experiences to guide their clients, and I’ve had my fair share… Fast Tracked to Leadership at a Young Age? Tick. Nervous breakdown? Tick. Victim of sexual and emotional abuse? Tick. Mother of a child who is autistic? Tick. Divorced? Tick. Remarried? Nearly.

Having managed and lead in Education for 12 Years, I retrained as a Transformational Life Coach following deep concerns about the gaps Education was leaving behind. People like me - highly qualified and ambitious, feeling resentful, frustrated and guilty because they were wasting precious time with careers or life goals that were not interlinked with their true values. I have set out to plug that gap. As well as working with women, I work extensively in Education with the Education Coaching Foundation - a not for profit endeavour, which will change the way pupils feel about themselves when they leave our schools. An holistic, well rounded education where pupils leave our schools with less anxiety, frustration and limiting beliefs than when they entered.

I work with my clients not from a place of sympathy, but of true, lived empathy. It’s not only my qualifications I draw on to help my clients face their fears… it’s my own journey, because we can’t teach someone to fly if we’ve never left the ground ourselves.



What my clients say…



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