Coaching services

At SenseCoach we understand that it is you who makes the decisions.

There are a number of services available through SenseCoach to help you find your inner voice and guide you to success. Sometimes a little help is all we need to make those important decisions manageable and realistic. SenseCoach is here to support you through your weakest and strongest times to capitalise on who you are and what you truly believe in.

The five coaching packages below; Master, Grow, Balance, Cleanse and Transform are structured to your needs following a free 60 minute consultation.

It may be that the service you require is bespoke and does not fit into one of the categories below. That’s fine. Once we have met and discussed your action plan, we can decide what it is you need; together.

Nothing to worry about. We’re with you all the way.



The MASTER coaching sessions are aimed at finding the specific area in your life that you wish to improve. As intelligent human beings, we often know, deep down, what it is that we want. We may have a particular skill that we can see emerging but we are unsure how to master it and use it to maximise our lives.

Mastery involves dedicated time to a specific and niche area that you want to improve. SenseCoach will help you to identify this, and capitalise on your talent.


Maybe we already know who we are and what we need but we lack the confidence to grow ourselves. Grow coaching can help anyone who finds motivating their inner ‘fierce’ tricky, and teaches you to harness and capitalise on your strengths from a comfortable yet driven perspective. GROW works to build on your existing foundations to build a better future.

Perfect for people who have started a new venture and need to continue to grow in confidence and strength.



We often hear people talk about work-life balance and its importance for a happy and fulfilled life. If you feel that work, family or friends are neglected because of your need to focus on other things, it’s a great time for you to sit back, evaluate and re-configure your time management. SenseCoach can help you to balance your commitments, get organised and gain pleasure in what you do again.

If you’ve found yourself playing catch up with your tasks and go to bed feeling exhausted or preoccupied because you just don’t have enough time, we will help you to readdress your BALANCE.

If you are looking to evaluate your life needs, and streamline without distractions CLEANSE can purify your home, thoughts and feelings.



If you live with clutter; emotional or physical, SenseCoach can help you to make a real difference. If it’s time to strip back and evaluate what is important in life, we can help you to find your inner calm and cleanse the clutter away. Find what makes meaning in your life again and enjoy what you have. This course is a refreshing and invigorating life choice, which will have an immediate impact on mood and efficacy.



The most intensive of our courses, TRANSFORM works on an aesthetic as well as an inner overhaul. Sometimes, we need a change so drastic that the old you gets left behind. Remember, part of that old you is what bought you to this point and therefore has important life lessons for the new you. Rest assured that you will be helped to sensitively move towards your new life with us at your side, every step of the way.

Master, Grow, Balance, Cleanse or Transform. We’re with you every step of the way.
— Lucienne Shakir MA. MEd. NPQML. NPQSL. Director SenseCoach Ltd.