LUCIENNE SHAKIR  (MAC MA. MED.) Founding Coach and Director of SenseCoach Ltd.

Specialising in Professional and Personal Development Coaching with a passion for self-improvement and continued Education for Everyone, Forever. 

11 years experience in Education, Leadership and Management and now completing Coaching and Mentoring PhD at Oxford Brookes University.

Lucienne created the company after years of wishing things ‘could be better’ for women in Education. After seeing friends struggle with life after leaving University, and helping pupils with mental health and academic aspirations and a number of transformative life events, she realised what was missing.

A professional friend.

Someone she knew could help her through transitions from being a professional career driven woman, to being a parent and back again. She wanted someone to guide and support her through her life changing encounters, that was truly qualified to help. A specialist that would not be burdened with the depth of knowledge she required.

Having specialised in Education to Masters level, and having a son diagnosed with ASD, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder, Lucienne began to work on what she felt she could not find in the wider professional market and started a coaching business congruent with her values and beliefs. Education for Everyone, Forever.

Her aim is to help, support and guide with the expert level of care she feels formal education does not always master through bespoke services designed for individual and group needs:






A highly career driven and ambitious woman, she was not comfortable with giving up on her dream to support as many young people and fellow educators as possible to become successful men and women hence SenseCoach Ltd was founded.

To support and inspire women who wanted to make a difference in their lives, but who needed that extra level of expertise.

Lucienne works with women in the personal and professional sphere.

Her aim? To build a Community not an Empire.


A collection of services to support you on your transformational journey….